The most popular knee sleeve in the colors of the champions.

RX Knee Sleeve Champions Edition


Maximize your performance with REHBAND

Equipment for the strongest



Are you looking for sports tape because you want to protect your skin, support your joints or treat tension? Kinesiology Tape, Hook Grip Tape, Cohesive Tape, Cross Tape, Underwrap... you can find out which tape is best used for what and how to put it on here.

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Find your perfect REHBANDS

Are you wondering which knee sleeve you should buy? Where are the differences? Do I take the 3mm, the 5mm, the 7mm, or do I need even stronger support? And what size do I actually need? Here you'll find answers.

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Product Care

Take care of your REHBANDS and they will love you back.

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Sports Wear

Do you want a complete REHBAND outfit for your gym or are you into athleisure wear? We have just the thing for you: t-shirts, sweaters, hoodies, tights from your favorite brand.

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